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5 Reasons To Host Your First Family Reunion At Your Favorite Restaurant

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Did you know that half of all family reunions have a change of venue each year? That is, organizers are always seeking a new place for the event; why not consider your favorite family-style restaurant? If you think about it, a sit-down eatery has everything you need for a festive and fun affair.   

Five reasons to host your first family reunion at your favorite restaurant are:  

1. The Convenience

The sheer convenience of hosting your reunion at a restaurant may be enough to compel you to make a reservation. There is no worry about enough chairs or a line in the bathroom; a restaurant is perfectly suited to accommodate your crowd. Consider what you save in rentals when setting a reunion budget since a restaurant venue will offer everything from chairs and silver to napkins and servers.  

2. The Flexibility

Another unique feature of a restaurant for a reunion is its flexibility. If you are ordering off the menu, it won't matter that a couple of people didn't show or someone brought an extra guest or two. Plus, with the servers and staff handling the food, it leaves the host free to organize reunion activities, like trivia, games, or raffles.  

3. The Food

Naturally, the most exciting feature of having a reunion at a restaurant is the food. Another perk of hosting here is that you can acknowledge and request specific foods to suit the dietary requirements or preferences of your guest. Discuss the menu and these restrictions with staff prior to the event, usually when booking the space for your reunion.   

4. The Clean-Up

Perhaps the most dreaded part of any party or event is the aftermath and clean-up. When you host your reunion at a restaurant, the clean-up is included in what you pay. Nobody from your party will be expected to or need to stay late to ensure the venue is clean and orderly; that is what restaurant staff are paid to do. Just make sure to show your appreciation for this convenience with a nice gratuity.  

5. The Nostalgia

Since the restaurant is a sit-down venue, there is plenty of space for nostalgia. Consider the members of your family that will not be attending; set a chair at the table to represent and honor these individuals. Compile photos of those family members that are no longer around and include them in some way at your venue. A photo board or collage is a simple gesture that has a lot of meaning, plus it is easy to carry and display during the event.  

Planning an upcoming family reunion? Consider hosting it at your favorite sit-down, family-style restaurant! The convenience, food, and clean-up are a breeze, while the activities and nostalgia will have family members and guests return to your event year after year.  

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