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How To Form A Dinner Club

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Now that the holidays have passed, you might feel that you miss the festivities and the fellowshipping of that magical season. Perhaps you feel that you are in a rut and that you need to step up your social life. Forming a dinner club is a great way to do that. Besides having wonderful food, you'll be having fun with friends. Here are some ideas that might help you to get started.

Pick The People - Whether it's individuals or couples, the people you invite to be in your dinner group will be an important element in its success. They don't necessarily have to already be good friends, but they should be compatible. For example, one couple you know may love to travel. If you know another couple who has the same interest, a new friendship might be established through your formation of the dinner club. Another important thing to consider as you select people in your group is to make sure they're dependable. You don't want people bailing out on you when it's their turn to be hosts. Pick eleven couples or individuals so that, counting you, each month will have a different host.

Set A Plan - Are you wanting to try different restaurants or would you prefer to eat at people's homes? Consider doing both. One month go to a restaurant and the next month eat at somebody's home. Or, let the hosts decide what the plan will be for their month. When you set up your group, establish the fact that members will have different budgets. You don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable about the fact that they can't afford a pricey restaurant.

Be The First - It would be a great idea for you to be the group's first host. If you have decided to go out to eat, a Mexican restaurant is an excellent choice. Most people love Mexican food. Even if they don't, there will be something on the menu for them. For example, if they're not wild about enchiladas or flautas, they can choose something like grilled shrimp, a Tampiquena steak or chicken fajitas. Another great reason to select a Mexican restaurant is that the atmosphere just lends itself to fun. Find out if there is a Mexican restaurant that has a mariachi band which will just add to the festive occasion. Check out restaurants like El Chico Cafe to find the right place for your first dinner club.

Once your group has been formed, it's a good idea to provide a schedule of who is hosting each month.