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Four Questions To Ask The Caterer You Want To Hire For Your Wedding Reception

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When planning your wedding, the food you serve at the reception is very important. You will more than likely want to hire a caterer to ensure that you have the best food that you possibly can on your special day. If you are going to hire a caterer for your wedding, use the following guide to learn four pertinent questions you need to ask the caterer before signing a contract.

Is The Cocktail Hour Included?

After the wedding, an hour will usually pass before the reception starts. This hour is set aside to provide the photographer with time to take photos of the wedding party. During this hour, many brides choose to serve cocktails and light hors d'oeuvres. If you want to serve hors d'oeuvres at your wedding reception, be sure that you make an agreement with the caterer as to what items you want served and when you want them to be served.

Are Servers Included?

When you have the reception, you will need to have people serving guests and picking up plates as your guests finish eating. Some caterers include servers in with the price they charge for their services. If they do not include servers, you will need to hire them on your own.

Is Dinnerware Included?

Your guests will need plates to eat on and silverware to use when eating. You need to find out if the caterer includes dinnerware and silverware within the cost of their services. There are some caterers who have numerous plating options for their clients so that you can have a uniform look and any item that can be pre-plated can be done in advance so that meals come out in a timely fashion.

Do You Offer a Kids Menu?

If you plan to have numerous kids at your wedding, find out if your caterer will create a kids menu for you so that the children at your wedding can have food to eat that is not too seasoned for their delicate palates. Many caterers have no problem making specialized dishes for children to ensure that everyone gets plenty to eat at the wedding reception.

Once these questions are answered, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best caterer that you can for your wedding reception. The caterer will have you sign a contract that details all of the options you have chosen to ensure that both you and the caterer know what is expected on your big day.