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3 Tips On Making Your Next Sandwich A Healthier One

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When you are trying to eat better, there is no reason to skip enjoying a restaurant sandwich. If you want to clean-up your favorite sandwich, there are ways to enjoy a tasty meal and not feel guilty.

Start With A Good Base

Many people choose a low-carbohydrate approach when they are trying to follow a healthier diet. This typically means, they will enjoy sandwiches without the bun, substitute the bun with lettuce, or choose a wrap. However, you do not need to eliminate bread, just make better choices. Whole wheat breads are usually a better alternative, but you cannot always be sure they are made with whole grains. No matter the bread you choose, consider opting for thinner breads. This way, you can enjoy the hearty feeling of a sandwich, with consuming unnecessary carbohydrates and calories. If you have limited bread options, take some of the bread out of the middle of your sandwich to make it thinner.

Go Easy On Certain Proteins

Common sandwich meats, such as chicken, beef, turkey, and ham, are usually fine for a sandwich. It is also better to add a little extra meat on your sandwich and consume less bread. Certain meats can be more concerning when you are watching your diet. Highly-processed meats, such as bacon and pastrami, tend to be more fatty and high in calories. Have a slice or two of fattier meats and combine them with leaner meats.

You should be cautious with meat salads, such as tuna or chicken salad. They are often considered a healthier alternative to other meats, but they are loaded with mayo and other calorically dense ingredients. Similarly, cheese can be high in protein, but certain types can put more of a dent in your calorie and fat allowance. If you want cheese, try to stick with provolone or mozzarella, instead of cheddar, which has a higher fat content.

Watch Your Toppings

Loading up on your favorite veggies is a good way to complement a sandwich and add bulk to your meal. If you enjoy avocado, this is a source of good fats and can give your sandwich a unique boost of flavor. Stick with plain slices of avocado and avoid guacamole, which has plenty of added ingredients. Condiments and sauces are another topping that can be a hidden source of calories and fat. If you like mustard, you are in luck. Mustard is one of the most figure-friendly condiments available. When opting for a more sophisticated sauce, ask for it on the side. This way you can control the calories, but you can also control the taste of your food.

When you are treating yourself to hearty sandwich, there is nothing wrong with eating the sandwich of your dreams. However, when you are going out, but must continue to stick with your dietary plan, a few modifications can help you enjoy the festivities without feeling guilty. If you don't feel like making your own sandwich, visit a restaurant, such as Flancers.