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4 Common Banquet Hall Dishes

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Whether you're throwing a wedding reception or holding a family reunion, banquet halls are a great place to gather loved ones together and allow them to mingle. They're also a great place to share food. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about some of the most common foods that are served in banquet halls throughout the country.

Baked Stuffed Chicken Breast

This banquet hall staple is a simple yet hearty dish that is filling and delicious. A baked stuffed chicken is simply a high quality chicken breast that, before the baking process, is stuffed with a vegetable of your choosing. Although potatoes are the common go-to vegetable for this dish, you can choose any number of other veggies instead. Some people opt for a Thanksgiving-style approach and use stuffing.

Mushroom Soup or Crab and Corn

Depending on where in the country you are located, you might find one of either of these surprisingly hearty soups on the buffet table. Mushroom soup is a vegetable soup that uses a mushroom stock broth and is generally chock full of vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, or even some more exotic items, like bitter melon. Crab and corn soup is just as it sounds: it uses a crab stock, and it is chock full of both crab and corn. The former tends to be served at banquet halls in the Midwest, while the latter is a favorite in New England.

Roast Pork

Another banquet hall favorite is a pork chop that is grilled over a steady fire, and served with a bed of boiled vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes. Occasionally, this dish is served alongside of a small garden salad or wild rice.

Fried Fish

Fish fries tend to be celebrations all their own for banquet hall goers. Many frequent banquet hall goers make an entire rite out of dressing fish, breading them, deep frying them, and serving them to their fellow banquet hall peers. Fish that are generally served during a fish fry include crappie, carp, blue gill, pollock and haddock.

Banquet hall dishes tend to fall under the category of "comfort food." What could be more comforting than gathering with your friends and family and eating a truly delicious meal? Hopefully, you've learned what to expect if you ever make your way inside of a banquet hall. Consider a company like Lucarelli's Banquet Center for your next event or family gathering.