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4 Delicious Seafood Dishes From China

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When Americans think of Chinese dishes, their minds tend to wander towards Chinese-American cuisine: General Tso's chicken, sweet and sour shrimp, and pork fried rice. However, there is an entire world of authentic Chinese dishes that are delicious and rewarding. Seafood is one of the menu items that China has truly committed itself to perfecting. Whether you decide to make these on your own, or head to a Chinese seafood restaurant, it is highly recommended that you sample one (or all!) of these mouthwatering platters.

Pan Fried Fish

This dish is also referred to as a "swimming fish," due to the fact that the entirety of the fish is used in this recipe. Although a variety of fishes can be used for swimming fish, porgies are perhaps the most common. This dish is also quite easy to fix: the fish is pan fried using a bit of sesame oil and Shaoxing wine, and then seasoned accordingly, usually with chilis and salt.

Red-Braised Fermented Mandarin Fish

This is a traditional dish from the Anhui region, known for its reliance on braised dishes and stews. The entirety of the fish is braised with chilis and oil and then served whole. For those of you with a predilection towards strong, pungent smelling dishes, then red-braised fermented Mandarin fish is definitely up your alley. Its aroma is akin to a strong smelling bleu cheese, or, for those of you familiar with Taiwanese cuisine, stinky tofu.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

For fans of seafood, the Fujian province provides some of the absolute best in the world. In fact, this dish was accordingly named due to the fact that its aroma is so delicious that Buddha jumped over the entirety of the wall to get to this dish. This dish is a veritable medley of delicious and fresh seafood ingredients, including sea cucumber, scallops, ginseng, abalone, and shark fin, placed together in a stew with a broth that includes Shaoxing rice wine.

Baked Corn Bread With Fish

Baked corn bread with fish is a hearty, traditional meal originally served in the Tianjin province. It is a simple dish in which a fish of your choosing is served in a light vegetable stew with cornbread on the side. It is often considered Chinese soul food.

When it comes to seafood, there are few countries in the world that know how to prepare a dish as well as China. Hopefully, you've learned a bit about what makes their seafood cuisine so mouthwatering!