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3 Ingredients Often Found In Mexican Food

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Mexican food is known for its spices and personality. From a traditional taco to a bean dip and more, you need to have a willingness to try something new and embrace the spices that make Mexican dishes so amazing. To help you better understand some of the tasty ingredients used to make Mexican food what it is, check out a few of the typical ones used below.


The jalapeno is a smooth, dark green color. It ranges in taste from hot to extremely hot. When they are dried out, they are referred to as chipotle chilies. While some people love to eat jalapeno peppers on their own, others prefer them to be cooked and blended in with their favorite dish to help mask the heat that makes them so popular. Jalapenos are often added to nachos, taco salads, bean dips and many other dishes. They go great in chili as well and help to give your cooking the zing you crave.

Queso Fresco

If you are looking for a tasty cheese that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before, you will love queso fresco. It is a white, fresh cheese that has a hint of saltiness to it. The texture resembles a farmers' cheese. This fresh cheese goes great in just about any Mexican dish. Top off tacos with it, add it to a taco salad, mix it into a bean dip, make tortillas with it, the choices are endless. You can melt it down and even turn it into a nice nacho cheese dip. Add in some peppers and seasonings and you can make one of the most delicious dips around.


The chayote looks almost like a pear, but it has a squash-like texture to it. It is relatively small in size. You can prepare it in a number of different ways, which is what makes it such a great addition to any Mexican menu. You can core the middle and prep it like a stuffed bell pepper or cook it up like you would a squash and serve it as a complement to any number of meat dishes. The choice is yours in how you prefer the chayote prepared, but the taste is amazing to say the least.

While these are only three of the main ingredients using in Mexican dishes today, there are countless others as well. Every dish is prepared with the finest of ingredients to help bring the dish to life and make it pop.