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3 Uncommon Pizza Toppings From Around The World

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In the United States, there tends to be a stock number of pizza toppings that everyone flocks towards: pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, and green peppers. However, there are some toppings that tend to get overlooked in the mix; some native to the United States, other prominent throughout the world. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn about a few must try pizza toppings you otherwise may have not thought of. Whether you're going out to a restaurant, having your pizza delivered, or trying your own hand at cooking one of these dishes, you will be sure to find them all intriguing.


Seafood toppings can run the gamut from anything from smoked salmon, tilapia, and grilled shrimp to more exotic fare like lobster, urchin, and genuine crab meat. For those with more expensive taste, you can even go the route of placing caviar atop a pizza after it comes out of the oven. While seafood toppings tend to be rare, they are far more common on the coasts. The Pacific Northwest tends to offer the widest varieties of seafood toppings.

Breakfast Toppings

When one thinks of pizza, one usually thinks of a lunch or dinner meal. However, much like tacos and burritos can be loaded with a wide array of breakfast foods, so can pizzas. Toppings like bacon, cheddar cheese, salsa verde, eggs, fried onions, and pica de gallo go well on a bed of pizza dough. For those who like even more of a spice on their breakfast foods, a douse or two from your favorite vinegar based hot sauce it sure to compliment these toppings well.

Scottish Toppings

There are a variety of toppings that, while not common among Scottish pizza fans, are certainly traditional. In the Angus region of Scotland, there is a smoked and salted variation on the haddock fish, which is generally referred to as a "smokie." This dish fits well covered in mozzarella cheese and served on a bed of dough. No mention of traditional Scottish food could go without mentioning haggis. Haggis pizza is a combination of the ingredients that are common in this meatloaf-like dish, including a sheep's liver, heart, and lungs.

There are more toppings to consider than just the usual. Think outside the pizza box. Next time you order a pizza for takeout or delivery, take into consideration the wide array of toppings you can add to your pizza pie. To learn more, contact a pizza place like Chuck's Pizza