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Four Of 2016's Biggest Fine Dining Trends

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Fine dining offers an excellent way to celebrate life's milestones such as engagements, anniversaries, and graduations, romance a potential partner or enjoy the company of a spouse, or to otherwise transform a normal evening into memories that will last for a lifetime. Keep in mind that like all aspects of culture, fine dining is subject to trends -- and you'll enjoy your culinary adventures more if you keep current on industry developments. Following are four of 2016's biggest fine dining trends. 

Vegetable Entrees No longer exclusive to casual, hippie-style cafes, vegetarian fare is taking center stage on America's fine dining scene. Driven by health-conscious consumers, this trend features dishes that look every bit as good as they taste, such as pasta primavera crafted with ripe, freshly picked vegetables. Unlike much of the rather bland vegetarian dishes of the past, today's creations are complex enough to be successfully paired with applicable fine wines. For instance, an eggplant Parmesan entree combined with a sparkling rose wine makes an excellent culinary combination. 

Less Formality Today's cutting-edge fine dining restaurants are shifting away from formal atmospheres where white tablecloths and waiters in black-tie attire once reigned supreme. Farmhouse-style tables and chairs combined with eclectic decor featuring local artwork and quirky touches are one of the new faces of today's fine dining. The attention to detail in both the service and food that separates fine dining restaurants from family-style establishments, pubs, and fast food remains high, however. 

Locally Sourced Meat The farm-to-fork concept that began with Alice Waters' Chez Panisse involving fresh fruits and vegetables has long since surpassed its status as a culinary trend and can rightfully be deemed a classic. Chefs are now finding the same benefits from locally sourced meats. Instead of serving lamb chops that come from creatures that were once frolicking in the fields of New Zealand or Australia, today's fine dining restaurants are more likely to be serving local lambs. Grass-fed beef from local pastures and free-range organic chicken are also featured prominently on many fine dining menus. 

Beer and Food Pairings  If you've always secretly longed for a good glass of beer instead of the requisite wine while enjoying a meal at a fine dining restaurant, you'll be glad to know that beer and food pairings are on the table to become one of 2016's most important culinary trends. Today's complex craft beers are meant to be savored with foods featuring similar flavor palettes, so don't be afraid to ask the sommelier for recommendations for beer the next time you're dining out!  

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