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Vietnamese Food Delivery: 3 Tips To Ensuring That Your Bowl Of Pho Tastes Just As Good As At The Restaurant

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A big steaming bowl of pho is just what you need after a long day or even after a night out drinking. The delicious broth contains essential nutrients that will replenish your body, and the noodles are not only appetizing, but easy to eat. You can order different types of meats or garnishments with your bowl of pho. Beef slices, tendon, tripe, beef balls, and pork balls are amongst some of the most popular types of garnishments to add. If you don't have time to sit down at the restaurant, consider ordering pho for Vietnamese food delivery. Here are 3 tips that will ensure that the delivery you get tastes just as good as the one you would've gotten at the restaurant.

Have the Soup and the Noodles in Separate Take-Out Bowls

One of the most redeeming features of eating a bowl of pho is the noodles. Different restaurants use different types of rice noodles to soak up the delicious broth. When dining at a restaurant, the broth is added to the bowl right before it gets delivered to your table. This ensures that the noodle doesn't soak up too much of the broth and become soggy. When getting pho delivered, make sure that the soup and the noodles are stored in separate take-out bowls. You want to heat up the soup on the stove at home before pouring it into the bowl with the noodles. This prevents the noodles from getting soggy during transit.

Ask for the Meat to be Kept Raw on the Side

Have you ever noticed that the beef slices in your pho are always tender and delicious? This is partly because the raw beef slices are placed inside the soup right before it leaves the kitchen. The soup is so hot that it basically cooks the thin slices of beef on the spot, so that it's ready by the time that it reaches you. When ordering pho to be delivered, ask that the meat be kept raw in a separate container or in the bowl with the uncooked noodles. This keeps the meat from overcooking, which will cause the meat to become tough.

Don't Forget the Condiments and Other Garnishments

Do you like bean sprouts and fresh basil leaves in your pho? Or, do you always add a dash of lemon or lime juice before chowing down? If you typically enjoy eating your pho with these garnishments and condiments like hot sauce or oyster sauce, remind the delivery service to bring you these condiments and garnishments on the side. If you're ordering online, make sure that you include the type and amount of condiments and garnishments that you like in the special request section.


Pho is one of the most delicious Vietnamese dishes you can eat. The broth has been simmering for hours, which makes it taste delicious, and the noodles are just the right texture. If you love eating pho at a restaurant, try the 3 tips suggested above to ensure that the pho delivered tastes just as good as when you eat it at a restaurant.