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Learning How to Eat Healthy at a Seafood Restaurant

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Those who love seafood know that it is delicious and offers a variety of great flavors for the discerning diner. However, they may not realize that a lot of the fried versions of the seafood they eat aren't the healthiest types. Thankfully, there are many healthy options available that make seafood a great choice.

Understand That Seafood Is Naturally Healthy

One thing that may surprise a lot of people is that seafood is naturally nutritious and offers a variety of excellent nutrition. For example, it is one of the lowest calorie high-protein foods on the market, containing only 100 calories per every three ounce portion of seafood. Even better, the protein in seafood is easier to digest, making it among the best sources of this nutrient.

Perhaps that is why the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has suggested that people eat seafood at least twice a week. This is especially true if they are low in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are heavily concentrated in fish and provide people with a variety of heart-health benefits. There are also a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, and D, in most types of fish.

Avoid Eating Too Much Fried Seafood

Eating delicious fried seafood occasionally won't put anybody at a serious risk of health problems. However, for those who want the healthiest seafood restaurant experience, it is necessary to choose grilled, broiled, or steamed seafood. Getting seafood steamed is especially healthy, as this cooking method leaches the least amount of vitamins and minerals from food. Most restaurants will have these low-fat and low-calorie options available on their menu.

And while many offer delicious cheese breads and dipping butter, pass on these items. While they are definitely tasty and healthy in small amounts, they do add a lot of calories and fat.

Choose a Great Side Dish

Seafood restaurants typically have a variety of delicious sides to choose. While french fries and baked potatoes are definitely delicious, they don't offer much nutrition. That's why it's better to choose a vegetable side dish, such as roasted root vegetables flavored with seasoning. Some restaurants may even provide rich and thick rice side dishes.

Broccoli is another popular choice for seafood restaurants, as it is so rich in fiber and mixes well with various types of seafood. By choosing these healthier alternatives, it is possible to create a meal that brings out the best in seafood.

While eating fried seafood and French fries once in awhile is okay, overdoing it can be problematic. Anyone who really loves seafood needs to understand the importance of these healthy alternatives and find ways to work them into their seafood restaurant experience.