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Italian Catering Ideas For Kids' Birthday Parties

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If you're celebrating your child's birthday with a large party for friends and family members, consider catering it with Italian food. Italian cuisine will most likely appeal to everyone in your group, from adults to picky young eaters. Having the food catered will allow you to spend more time with guests during the party, and give you less stress before it. 

When choosing the type of Italian food you'd like to serve at the child's celebration, pick a few vegetarian and gluten-free options as well to cater to all of your guests' dietary concerns. If you want to save some money, you can make the appetizers and desserts yourself, and just have the main courses professionally catered.

Here are some kid-friendly Italian party food ideas to get you started:


1. Bread Sticks

Although serving bread sticks may seem like a simple option, children of all ages can easily hold and eat them. Get bread sticks in several different flavors, such as plain, sesame and garlic, and arrange the crunchy treats in glass canning jars or colorful metal pails for an attractive presentation.

You can also provide some dipping sauces, such as ranch and marinara, in individual serving bowls for the adults. 

2. Caprese Salad Bites

Bite-size salads may appeal to kids more than their traditional counterparts. To make cute caprese salads on a stick, simply slide one cherry or grape tomato and one small fresh mozzarella ball onto a toothpick. Display them on a serving platter, and top with olive oil and balsamic oil drizzles, as well as fresh, chopped basil. 

Serve a few of the bites without the oil, vinegar and basil topping to please all kids. 

Main Courses

1. Make-Your-Own Pizza Station

When it comes to kids' party food, you can't go wrong with pizza. Make mealtime an interactive event by supplying the guests will everything they need to make their own individual pies. Include either English muffins or small rounds of fresh dough, tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and vegetables such as mushrooms and chopped tomatoes. Other ingredients options include real and soy-based Italian sausage, pepperoni and shredded chicken.

2. Lasagna

Another crowd-pleasing children's party food idea is lasagna. Have the caterer make at least one traditional meat and one vegetarian tray of lasagna, and serve it with garlic bread or homemade bread sticks. 

An alternative to lasagna is cheese- or meat-stuffed shells topped with marinara sauce.


1. Gelato

End the young guests' dinners on a sweet note with a selection of gelato flavors, such as strawberry and chocolate. Include sprinkles, whipped cream and cones so that the kids can personalized their own dessert.

2. Cookies

Serve a few different types of Italian cookies, such as lemon drops and waffle-shaped pizzelles, along with hot chocolate and plain and chocolate milk.