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Asian-American Fusion Menu Ideas For A Gastropub

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Gastropubs are often seen as an American invention, and as such, they tend to serve a lot of upscale American cuisine, such as gourmet burgers and fries. If you want to set your gastropub apart, you may want to serve a different type of cuisine, such as Asian-American fusion. Here are some Asian-American menu ideas to get you started.

Ramen With Creative Toppings

Ramen is a favorite dish in Japanese cuisine. On a chilly day, a bowl of rich broth with noodles, veggies, and hard-boiled eggs is incredibly satisfying. But if you're going to put ramen on a gastropub menu, you're going to want to add some American elements to make it more bar-like. Fried chicken is a good choice. A few small pieces of coated, fried chicken breast on top of ramen certainly give it a delicious twist. You could also top the ramen with a small burger patty or a sliced sausage.

Asian-Inspired Burgers

Every gastropub needs a great burger on the menu. At an Asian gastropub, that burger will need toppings inspired by Asian cuisine. Kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish from Korea, is a delicious choice for a burger topping. Pair it with some spicy mustard and mild Havarti cheese and you have an incredible blend of flavors. Another option is to top your burgers with favorite Asian sauces, such as Sriracha or Hoisin.

Asian-Flavored Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a popular bar food, and they're great for sharing. At an Asian gastropub, all you need to do to set your wings apart is serve them in Asian sauces. One good option is General Tso's sauce, which offers the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness. Another option is plum sauce, which is known for its sweet, fruity notes. And of course, anyone who likes spicy wings is bound to love Sriracha-coated ones.

Tacos With Asian Fillings

Tacos are a fun addition to a gastropub menu. Customers can order them a la carte, enjoying one, two, three, or more tacos depending on their appetite. Stuff your tacos with Asian favorites, such as kimchi, beef cooked in oyster sauce, and sweet and sour chicken. You can even get creative and fill some taco shells with pad Thai!

Asian-American fusion is a perfect cuisine to serve at a gastropub. There are so many fun flavors to play with, and you can easily blend Asian flavors with the forms of food people are used to enjoying at the pub.

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