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Four Types Of Dishes To Include On Your Waterfront Seafood Restaurant Menu

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What dishes should you include on the menu for a waterfront seafood restaurant like Scoma's? That's really up to you. There are many possibilities and lots of room for your chefs to get creative. However, you do want to make sure that you offer four particular types of dishes in order to satisfy your various sorts of clients. These four types include the following.

Something Fried

There are a lot of people who are not big seafood eaters, but who want to take advantage of being at a waterfront location and eat at a seafood restaurant while they are there. For these customers, fried seafood entrees are often the most approachable. You could offer a basket of battered, fried shrimp and fries, or a beer-battered fish fry. Both are pretty familiar to customers. Think of ways to add your own unique twists to these dishes, such as including a homemade dipping sauce.

Classic, Simple Seafood

For the true seafood lovers, you need to offer the classics, made simply but well. The classics, of course, include lobster, crab, oysters, clams, and shrimp. You can serve them steamed, broiled, or in whatever way suits the individual seafood item. Most of your guests will order and adore these menu items, so it's worth taking the time to perfect them.

Fresh Salads, Sandwiches, and Wraps

On the waterfront, a number of your guests will be looking for something delicious but not overly heavy. They may not, for instance, want to eat a big meal before wearing their bathing suit on the beach. For these guests, a few seafood salad and wrap options are a good choice. Your chef could create a couple of staple shrimp and crab salads, and then offer each one as either an open-plated salad or a wrap. Fish tacos also fit into this category and can be very popular.

Non-Seafood Items

Finally, make sure you do include at least two or three dishes that are not seafood. Some guests may not like seafood but may be accompanying friends and family members to a seafood restaurant for socialization purposes. A burger, chicken tenders, or a pasta dish tend to be good options. If you can make one of these dishes vegan, that's even better.

Keep these categories in mind as you design the menu for your waterfront seafood restaurant. If you are able to offer dishes in each of these categories, you should have lots of happy customers.